hamburgueses - Es babot

Beef and pork, crunchy bacon, mayonnaise and Cheddar cheese (burger bread)

Angus beef with onion confit, goat cheese au gratin and fig jam (xeixa-flour bread)

Angus beef, with grilled foie gras medallion, caramelized apple and reduction of Pedro Ximenez (xeixa-flour bread)

Angus beef with spring onion and barbecue sauce, topped with a fried egg (burger bread)

Chicken with confit onions, mango chutney and curry ma- yonnaise (burger bread)

Variety of vegetables and legume (xeixa-flour bread)

Miniburger or grilled chicken breast

Club sandwich
Chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise

All burgers are served with a salad and French fries, on a slice of xeixa-flour bread (an old Majorcan variety of cereals) or burger bread.

Our meat is organically produced, controlled and certified, and of Majorcan origin. The Angus beef comes from Angus cattle bred at the cattle farm Abeerden Son Mayol.